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Squaredance shrapnel (animation) - Chris Mercier 2009.

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Chris Mercier,artist and printmaker- born December 1951 - lives and works in Reading, Berkshire (UK). He studied at Berkshire College of Art and Epsom College of Art. He then moved to Italy where he studied violin making in Cremona before working as a craftsman in Venice. He has worked many years in commercial and artists screen printing studios. He studied Fine Art at The University of Reading and at the Royal College of Art London. He also runs his own art editioning studio making multiples for artists. He is a member of the RGA and the Printmakers Council.

Steam Carousel, silk screen print

Steam Carousel (Screen Print) Chris Mercier 1990

Screen printing

Screen printing is a process where ink is forced through a stencil supported by a stretched mesh on a frame. As the etcher engraves a copper plate and the lithographer draws on a stone, the screen printer must construct a stencil. A stencil has to be made for each colour. My earlier prints often using reduction techniques had up to 20 or more colour workings. Stencils are either painted directly onto the mesh with a filler that impedes the passing of the ink onto the paper or they can be made from hand drawn film positives, photographically and with digital imaging techniques. Once the stencil has been made they are hand printed using a squeegee which pushes the ink through the stencil onto the paper which is held in register on a vacuum table, each colour has to be run separately.
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'The Analogon, the DNA of Constance's Floral Display'
Video by Chris Mercier 2008, Music performed by Tango Select.

'La Danse Macabre' - A print performance.

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