Chris Mercier - CV


Chris Mercier (1951), artist and printmaker lives and works in Reading, Berkshire (UK). He studied at Berkshire College of Art and Epsom College of Art. He then moved to Italy where he studied violin making in Cremona before working as a craftsman in Venice. On his return to the UK he has practiced as an artist and printmaker for many years and has also collaborated with many artists in the role of master printer in print and editioning studios.

He studied Fine Art at The University of Reading and completed an MA in Fine Art printmaking at the Royal College of Art, London.

He runs his own art editioning studio making multiples for artists. He is a member of the RGA, arjeea21 and the Printmakers Council.

Artist's Statement.

I describe myself as an artist and printmaker. I frequently use printing processes as a tool for creating art work. The difference I see between an 'artist-printmaker' and the 'printer' is that the printmaker takes an idea, a thought to the printing machine; whereas the printer may only be concerned in reproducing previously created art works. So I see the print process as just another component in the tool-box of the artist. However I consider thought as the essential instigator of my art.

I am intrigued by the device of metonymy used in visual imagery. Add to that the viral image and the virtual image, both companions to the digital age and to the internet. I am very interested in the way a work can exist on two planes, the real and the virtual, existing perhaps in a dormant mode until the virtual unfolds replicates and performs.

My recent work has focused on the frontier between analogue and digital technologies, an "in between" place. I have previously described this as "a zone to be explored where print as an artist"s medium can falter or be reborn as it comes up against the digital vehicles of dispersion".

Currently I am making work that explores process and the repertoires of objects and their articulation through motion and time.